graham head 2I’m a New Hampshire–based freelance journalist. As a contributing writer to the Boston Globe’s Ideas section,  I’ve written recently about the past and future of American nuns, what baby names are teaching social scientists, and the preservation of spontaneous public memorials. I’m also a contributor to Slate, where I have written widely discussed pieces about adults who read YA literature and why parents online make parenting sound so terrible, among other topics. I have also written for Al Jazeera America, the Wall Street Journal,, the Poetry Foundation, the Awl, Marie Claire, BuzzFeed Ideas, JSTOR Daily, City Journal, the Daily, Newsday, and many others. I often — but not always! — write about American history, culture, women, and Christianity, or the intersection of any of the above.

I’m a former senior editor at the late, lamented Domino magazine, and previously served as features editor at the late, lamented New York Sun.

In 2009, I went on a long solo road trip across the country and back. This site began as the space in which I wrote about that trip. (Hence “Public Road.”) And now it’s the space for other things.

Get in touch with me about writing jobs, editing jobs, or Mexican food: rugraham2 at

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