graham head 2I’m a New Hampshire–based freelance journalist. As a contributor to Slate, I have written about Donald Trump and Southern Baptists, the future of the Christian Leftadults who read YA literature and why parents online make parenting sound so terrible, among other topics. I have also written for the New York Times magazine, Al Jazeera America, the Wall Street Journal, Politico Magazine, the Poetry Foundation, the Awl, Marie Claire, and many others. I often — but not always! — write about American culture, history, women, and Christianity, or the intersection of any of the above. I have also been a contributing writer to the Boston Globe’s Ideas section and to

I’m a former senior editor at the late, lamented Domino magazine, and previously served as features editor at the late, lamented New York Sun.

In 2009, I went on a long solo road trip across the country and back. This site began as the space in which I wrote about that trip. (Hence “Public Road.”) And now it’s the space for other things.

Get in touch with me: rugraham2 at


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