graham head 2I’m a staff writer at Slate, and I live in New Hampshire. For Slate, I have written about how Down syndrome is redefining the abortion debate, the prospect of the Catholic church’s “first gay saint,”  the future of the Christian Left, and adults who read YA literature, among other topics. I have also written for the New York Times magazine, Politico Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, the Awl, Marie Claire, and many others. I often report on American culture, women, and Christianity, or the intersection of any of the above.

I have been a contributing writer to the Boston Globe’s Ideas section and to I’m also a former senior editor at Domino magazine, and features editor at the New York Sun.

In 2009, I went on a long solo road trip across the country and back. This site began as the space in which I wrote about that trip. (Hence “Public Road.”) And now it’s the space for other things.

Contact me: rugraham2 at


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