Has Ryan Tedder ever turned down an interview with public radio?


Oral Roberts graduate, in-demand songwriter, and OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder has been interviewed on public radio eight times. Doesn’t that seem like a lot? They LOVE him:

July 2010, “Art of the Song” (“I’m really struck by your commitment to excellence.”)

October 2010, web-only interview with NPR’s music news blog The Record. (“Tedder is a thoughtful — and not full of himself at all — 31-year old fan and student of a wide range of music.)

December 2010, “All Things Considered,” interviewed for “Hitmakers” series. (“Picture this: Pop music writer Ryan Tedder driving around Los Angeles, drumming his fingers on the dash, listening to his favorite radio station.”)

July 2011, The Takeaway (photo caption: “Ryan Tedder, hitmaker and frontman of One Republic”)

July 2011, “Here and Now” (“So how does this unknown yet powerful songwriter gauge whether a song is a hit?”)

December 2011: Colorado public radio, “Denver’s #1 Hitmaker”

Public television bonus! January 2012: PBS NewsHour, “For Ryan Tedder, the Hits Keep Coming”

January 2012, “All Things Considered”: “A Hit-Maker With a Golden Touch” (“I want to ask you what the process of writing a hit song.”)

March 2013, “Here and Now,” “Ryan Tedder Is More Than A Hitmaker” (BUT IS HE?!??!)


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