Oh, yeah, my blog.

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there.

It’s been almost five months since I posted here. Whoops. In those five months I have:

1. Gotten married.

2. Gone on a 6-week road trip.

3. Moved to rural New Hampshire from Brooklyn, my home of 8+ years.

4. Started working as a full-time freelance writer and editor.

5. Found a cure for cancer, the secret to world peace, and a jeans pattern that perfectly flatters every woman in the world, then buried all my research because it will be more satisfying for you if you figure it out on your own.

So, I’ve had a bit on my plate. And speaking of plates, now that I’m all rural and domestic, I must daily resist the urge to turn this into a dull home-cooking blog. I find myself desperately wanting to tell you about this perfect cornmeal pie crust I made this weekend; the trick to getting the consist…HEY! WAKE UP!

So, I (probably) won’t do that. But hopefully I’ll be back with something funny or strange or road-trippy or political or literary or revolting in less than five months. And if all else fails, I’ll teach you how to make beer-can chicken and embroider your own dish towels.

A scene from this summer.


2 responses to “Oh, yeah, my blog.

  1. Yes! Welcome back!
    Now go cook me a chicken.
    A cyber-chicken, that is, I guess.

  2. robertwallacegraham

    My day just got better. And it was a good one already. Thanks, Ruth..

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