Department of small pleasures.

I chose the email address rugraham2 @ because I was a late adopter of Gmail, and decided to use the same prefix as my old Hotmail address, blah blah blah. I have regrets in life, and this is one of them. “Rugraham2” is a terrible email prefix. I constantly have to spell it out, explain that it’s “the number 2,” etc. OH WELL.

Anyway, today it became clear that my entire decade of having this horribly clunky address occurred so that the following exchange could take place on March 29, 2011:

Me, at Apple Store: I need to make an appointment at the genius bar.

Apple Store guy: Okay! What’s your first name?

Me: Ruth.

ASG: Okay, and your last name?

Me: Graham, G-R-A-H…

ASG: -A-M. Got it! Graham is my first name.

Me: Oh, nice!

ASG: Now I just need your email address.

Me: R-U-Graham-2 @ gmail. I hate that email address.

ASG: But it’s perfect for this moment! I AM Graham, too!





This could happen again if Heather Graham ever asks me for my email address. Do you think she will????

*There are two great things about this story. One is the obvious awesomeness of “Are you Graham, too?” The other one is that the guy RECOGNIZED this, and really took a lot of pleasure in it! My greatest pet peeve is the refusal to enjoy a serendipitous moment – a coincidence, a little joke, a funny street scene that only two people notice, etc. — with a stranger. And my greatest joy is the opposite: In other words, moments just like this one. Thank you, Apple Store Graham!


5 responses to “Department of small pleasures.

  1. This delightful story reminds me of the time Josh, working as a computer salesman, tried to explain to a customer over the phone that the effort to repair his computer server would be like the Ship of Theseus. Since they would have to replace every part of the server, it raised the vexing philosophical question of whether or not the customer’s server would, in fact, remain the same server at all.

    He lost the account the next day.

  2. I love this. (If only emilyjjanderson had the same potential as a prefix… yes, two j’s.)

  3. That is fantastic. I love that he got and laughed with you. That is why Apple people are just generally awesomer than PC folks.

  4. Awww. Apple love. Such a beautiful moment!

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