Fascinating thoughts about candy, rental car companies, and toothpaste.

A new study from the USC Marshall School of Business founds that our attachments to brands are more powerful than previously understood: People are willing to sacrifice cash, time, energy, and reputation to maintain connections to particular brands. As the press release puts it, “It is brand attachment that explains consumers’ devotion to the iPod, fans’ intense reaction at celebrity deaths and the torment of teenagers who are denied their favorite brand of jeans.” Ha! Teenagers are the worst.

In general this doesn’t sound that earth-shattering to me, but it did get me thinking, fascinatingly, about brands and feelings.

5 major brands I have positive feelings about

Avis (cheaply and courteously rented me a car to drive across the country and back)
Geico (cheaply and courteously insured said car)
Crest (what a toothpaste!)
Ferrara Pan (maker of the greatest candy in the world)
Toyota (my mom has been driving a series of Toyota Corollas since my birth; they last forever)

5 major brands I have negative feelings about

Colgate (I guess I am emotionally invested in the “toothpaste wars”?)
Kohl’s (doesn’t it seem like everything there is crap?)
M & Ms (gross in flavor and image)
Disney (awful)
Time Warner (terrible)

Brand I would give my first-born child to extinguish forever from the face of the earth and from the memory of everyone who walks upon it:

Hertz (they know what they did)

What brands do you love? What brands do you hate with the fire of a thousand suns? Also, what is your favorite kind of toothpaste? (Ugh. Well, not every post can be gold.)

Hi, Hertz! Fun fact: Each Lotus Elise pictured here costs about $50,000. If you can afford this whole fleet, perhaps you can afford to find some way to inform Brooklyn residents about the $55 extra PER DAY you charge them to rent from you?


4 responses to “Fascinating thoughts about candy, rental car companies, and toothpaste.

  1. I associate you with Lemonheads to this day.

  2. That’s a rough post on Kohl’s.

  3. Positive brand association: Baffroom™

  4. My love of Lemonheads is long and lusty, but I had no idea there were Grapeheads, Appleheads, Orangeheads, Cherryheads.

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