Harder, faster, better, stronger.

New York Times, Media Decoder:

Earlier this month the cable news channel MSNBC adopted a new tag-line, “Lean Forward.” It’s a statement, the channel says, that it wants to be the home for the ideas that will advance America. It’s being featured in a nationwide ad campaign. … Fox News Channel now says it isn’t leaning backward. Rather, it’s one-upping MSNBC with new ads that are titled “Move Forward.”

October 28: CNN debuts new slogan “Scamper Forward.”

October 29: Al Jazeera adopts new “Jog Briskly Forward” campaign.

Nov. 1: CNBC announces “Race Forward With a Target Heart Rate of At Least 150.”

Nov 2: BBC debuts “Sprint Forward, Really Giving It Everything You’ve Got, Plus Don’t Forget Our Six-Hour Head Start Because of the Time Zone Advantage, Because We’ve Got That Going for Us, Too.”

Nov 3: HLN announces “Infinity Plus One Forward, Bitches.”


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