When a headline says what an article can’t bring itself to.

New York Times, 10/19/10

Sweat Lodge Deaths Deter New Age Tourists

SEDONA, Ariz. —  There is negative energy in the air here, which the channelers, mystics, healers, psychics and other New Age practitioners of Sedona are grappling to identify and snuff out.

Its probably has to do with all those sweat lodge deaths mentioned in the headline?

Nobody is sure exactly what is keeping people away from Sedona’s four vortexes, those swirling energy sources emanating from the earth, but the effects are clear: far fewer crystals are being purchased, spiritual tours taken and treatments — from aura cleansings to Chakra balancings — ordered.

Seriously, I’m pretty sure it’s the sweat lodge deaths.

That an earthly power — the economy — is a culprit is not in doubt. But some do not discount the lingering effect of an awful incident from a year ago that put Sedona’s New Age community in a bad light and that, to some degree, still lingers, despite efforts by metaphysical people to cast it away.

Yeah, no, it’s definitely those sweat lodge deaths.

“It was a very unfortunate and sad situation that could have happened anywhere,” said Janelle Sparkman, president of the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association, who attributes the woes that New Age practitioners are experiencing to the lack of disposable income tourists have for spiritual needs and not what happened that awful afternoon.

Well, I guess it could have happened anywhere prone to sweat lodge deaths?

“That event happened,” said Mr. Hamilton, who said he was speaking to a reporter only after consulting the archangel Michael, his spiritual muse. “The real question is what have we learned from it.”

99% of spiritual muses agree: Watch out for sweat lodge deaths.


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  1. Love it.

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