In both photos, he’s glancing ever-so-slightly to his right.

David Brooks has a new portrait accompanying his columns in the Times!!!!!! I don’t know what to think! It’s like replacing a goofy freshman yearbook picture with a fancy Senior Portrait. Let’s review:


: pink shirt, purple tie

HAIR: pepper and salt

GLASSES: round tortoiseshell

BACKDROP: pale green

FACIAL EXPRESSION: mild, friendly smile


: Blue shirt, red tie

HAIR: salt and pepper

GLASSES: clear frames

BACKDROP: ominous!

FACIAL EXPRESSION: grave concern about an American economy in which elites have turned their backs on traditional industry in favor of non-productive pursuits, mingled with non-reactionary Burkean wariness of too-swift social change, but still possessing an optimistic centrist’s fundamental faith in the character and future of a people whose bedrock Judeo-Christian values are family, community and hard work.


8 responses to “In both photos, he’s glancing ever-so-slightly to his right.

  1. To see whom from the right is going to come after him.

  2. That should be who from the right.

  3. Viewers right…but it’s his left. A ha!

  4. Baker, you’ve cracked the code!

  5. And he lives in the land of the 5 o’clock shadow.

  6. I’m an unrepentant progressive, and I love David Brooks – his writing, his bits with PBS News Hour, and how he looks, then and now.

  7. As usual, the question comes to WWCC: What Would Colbert Choose? My answer is heavily weighted towards the former, mostly because of the matching lip gloss which you so unfortunately overlooked.

  8. Isn’t it HIS right and VIEWERS’ left??

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