The cure for AIDS is speaking truth to power.

The commenters on the New York Times’ website continue to delight and amaze me.

The headline:Lennon’s Killer Wavered Over Decision

The story: Mark David Chapman up for parole (again); gives a few new details about his mental status in the days before he shot John Lennon.

The comment:

I still miss John.

And I say this with conviction: I have absolutely no doubt that the 80’s, the AIDS crisis, the 90’s, the wars, the 2000 election, even Ralph Nader’s time in the spotlight and the way he divided and changed that election would have all been different if John had been here speaking truth to power..

That proves just how much of an effect you had on our planet, Mr. Chapman. And yet you safely missed the effects of the Bush administration out here on the streets, in the cities, and all over the world. Yes, I mean both Bushes. And Reagan. Thanks, Mr. Chapman… I guess you achieved your goal.

— julie

What is it like inside Julie’s mind, where John Lennon had the power to radically alter every major development in American history from 1980 onward? AIDS! War! Elections! The 80s! Also the 90s! Ralph Nader! Reagan! Bush I! Bush II! All would have been different thanks to the power of John Lennon. Well, we’ll never know. But, on the other hand, we do know: Julie is wrong.

On a side note, I walk past the Dakota, where John Lennon was shot, twice a day as I walk to and from my office. The number of European tourists who congregate there every day to take photos at the murder site is…surprising. Or maybe it’s not? Anyway, it’s remarkable. There are hordes of them. Busloads. But I guess it makes sense that you’d want to see the place where the most powerful man in all of human history died.


3 responses to “The cure for AIDS is speaking truth to power.

  1. Is it wrong that in reading Julie’s comment I want to substitute John for Bono? I mean, I know Bono hasn’t solved those problems (yet). Still…

  2. Have you forgotten our pilgrimage to Graceland?

  3. I’m sure it’s not popular to say this … but wouldn’t this involve a trip to Jerusalem? Christ has had a fair bit of power in geopolitical circles…

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