Eat it, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon.

New York magazine caught up with JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon to ask him about an old hiking photo from high school, and in the process extracted this nugget: “When I climbed Mount Elbert, which is the highest mountain in Colorado, I got sick from the altitude. I still finished it, but right before I left I was sitting there throwing up. I sat and rested for like twenty minutes. It was terrible. But after that I was fine.”

Here he is on top of Long’s Peak, which is a little lower than Elbert:

As it so happens, in 2008 I climbed Mount Elbert, which is actually not only the highest peak in Colorado but also, at 14,433 feet, the highest in the entire Rocky Mountains and the second-highest in the continental US, no big deal. It was by far the most difficult thing I have ever done physically, and also pretty much the most awesome thing period. It took all day, my body was in excruciating pain, I scrambled over above-the-treeline rocks for miles at an incredibly high altitude without any kind of equipment, and although getting to the top felt like a “finish” in fact, of course, it was only the half-way point and coming down was harder. Yet in the end, I don’t know if I’ve ever been happier than when I made it to the summit of that mountain.

But the real point is: I DIDN’T VOMIT.

Here I am, not vomiting.

My eyes are closed because of the harsh mountaintop wind, not because of vomit.

There is nothing higher than this pole in the whole state of Colorado. Also note that it is not covered in my vomit.


3 responses to “Eat it, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon.

  1. I’m glad you clarified the vomit thing. As I moved from picture to picture I was like, “Wait, didn’t she say that she vomited? Is this the one with the vomit?” Thankfully, you were diligent in your reminding me that you did not, in fact, vomit.

  2. So… no vomit then?

  3. Tja, but what’s that smell? Don’t I smell vomit? It can’t be the smell of somebody else’s vomit. So maybe you’re hiding the vomit. Maybe ythat’s really why you are grinning in those two pictures. But you can’t hide the smell of the vomit.

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