By then it will be too late!*

*First thought upon checking and discovering that September 4 is the estimated delivery date of my copy of “Freedom,” which is the Masterpiece of American Fiction in stores TODAY, not September 4, Amazon, please, I really NEED IT NOW GIVE IT TO ME PLEASE EVERYONE ELSE WILL ALREADY HAVE READ IT BY THEN AND I NEED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SEPTEMBER 1 BACKLASH TO THE BACKLASH.

This is totally how it must have felt to find out your copy of “All the Year Round” with the next installment of “Great Expectations” was delayed by the Pony Express! But it’s way worse for me because I don’t even have the distraction of possible dysentery and/or slaughter by Apaches.


2 responses to “By then it will be too late!*

  1. I pre-ordered Mockingjay (book #3 in the Hunger Games trilogy- don’t mock me) and it was supposed to come last Tuesday. Only I got home and it wasn’t there. When I checked the status, it hadn’t even shipped until that day and wasn’t going to arrive until Saturday. I calmly informed Amazon that I’ll never pre-order with them ever again. Their reply? I was supposed to be notified that the book would arrive late and they were sorry. If you pre-order something 2 1/2 months before it comes out, there is no possible excuse for a late delivery!

  2. No mocking! This is my exact frustration. Why did I preorder if I’m still getting it later than people who just walked into a store? (Well, besides the nearly 50% discount.)

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