A guide to things that should and should not be carbonated. (Clip ‘n’ Save!)

I have recently come into possession (thanks to a generous friend in PR) of a miraculous little machine called a Sodastream. This small machine turns tap water into sparkling water with just the press of a button. You fill a special bottle with cold water, stick in the magical carbonation tube thingy, and voila – literally 15 seconds later, you have the most refreshing beverage imaginable. Once in a while you have to replace the “carbonator” cartridge, but other than that it really is THAT easy. (It’s definitely possible that after I go through the whole carbonator-exchange process I will be singing a different tune about the ease of all this, but how hard can it be?) Goodbye, boring old flat beverages, hello 24-HOUR CARBONATION PARTY.

And you don’t have to stick to water — indeed, the Sodastream practically cries out for experimentation. Sometimes, however, it might cry out too powerfully. With that danger in mind, I have created this handy guide.


Tap water

Tap water with lemon juice

Grape juice

Cranberry juice

White wine

Red wine





Barbecue sauce



The water in your bathtub in an attempt to turn it into a Jacuzzi




4 responses to “A guide to things that should and should not be carbonated. (Clip ‘n’ Save!)

  1. We got one of these with a stray Williams-Sonoma gift card after we got married, and we love it. Nadia tells me we can only put plain water in it, with flavorful things (mostly lemon juice) added thereafter, but I’ve never been clear as to why this is exactly.

  2. The Hon. S. E. Drew

    A detailed review of your experience making sparkling rosé, please.

  3. Carbonated buttermilk seems like a ripe slice of hell. But now I want one of these things.

  4. Weekend update: Sparkling rosé is DELICIOUS. However, Steve, you are right that you are technically not supposed to use the machine for anything but water. But since I can’t figure out a good reason for this (sticky nozzle?) I’m going to proceed without caution. I will let you know if anything terrible happens.

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