Orlando Sentinel turns local God-fearing pastor into Hell-bound relativist

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Leesburg Pastor Tries Bible-Themed Comics

Look out, Batman and the Hulk, there’s some new competition in town: Moses and Elijah. A Central Florida pastor has teamed up with former Marvel and DC Comics artists and writers to take on a new spin to spreading the Christian message: comic books with themes from the Bible.

“It’s really a great way to disseminate [our] truth through graphic media,” he said.


I would bet you a stack of the finest luxury Bibles that the good pastor really and truly meant “truth,” not “our truth.”

I’m not sure what this bit of editing was meant to do: Protect readers from the shocking notion that an evangelical pastor has a rigid view of truth? Make clear that Sentinel editors know his belief is in error, and there are in fact multiple truths? (Not a legitimate use of brackets, by the way.) Or did the editors actually believe that he intended to qualify his statement and just accidentally swallowed the “our”?

This is why I’m glad the New York Sun stylebook taught me to avoid using those [this is what he really meant] brackets to “clarify” quotes. They’re tempting, but they introduce all kinds of errors in meaning, intention, and once in a while, theology.

As for the Christian comics themselves, why not skip this new-fangled stuff and go for the gold standard:

(Yep, this is real. Read all about Archie’s Christian phase in this excellent post.)


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