Three things Jay Leno said in a September 2009 article in Parade magazine that I don’t believe are true.

1. Jay said: When I first began hosting The Tonight Show … I used to pack up my things every night and take them home—I didn’t know if the show would be mine the next day.

I say: No one has ever done that.

2. Jay said: Years ago I lived in Boston, and when I saw a Mercedes/Rolls-Royce dealer, I thought, “I’d like to work there.” I asked about a job, but the boss said, “We’re not hiring now.” Monday morning, I returned. I went to the car-wash bay, said “I’m the new guy,” and started washing cars. After three or four days, the boss saw me and asked, “What’s he doing here?” The car-wash guy goes, “He’s a hard worker.” I said, “I figured I’d work here until you hired me.” And I got the job.

I say: This isn’t how jobs work.

3. Jay said: I’ve put a lot of work and thought into getting ready for hosting The Jay Leno Show.

I say: Nuh-uh.


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