And now for a little navel-gazing

A Definitive Ranking of the Years of the Past Decade as They Relate to Ruth Graham:

1. 2006
2. 2007
3. 2008
5. 2000
6. 2009 [included both highest highs and lowest lows!]
7. 2005
8. 2002
9. 2003 [friendless in Brooklyn; dirt poor; temped for a living; slept behind curtain stapled to living-room ceiling. Really not a good year.]
10. 2001 [duh]


6 responses to “And now for a little navel-gazing

  1. You gotta admit that 2003 was a personally exciting year. I mean, right? In a way? Everything new, fresh, exciting? No?

  2. In a way, definitely, but I gave 2002 (#8) the credit for the move to New York. 2003 was the drudgery/poverty that immediately followed.

  3. I don’t understand why 2001 is worse than living behind a curtain stapled to the ceiling. I mean, I saw that curtain. And drudgery? Poverty? What’s worse than that?

  4. Hey, you had a friend in Brooklyn in 2003! I think he worked at Taco Bell…

  5. Alyce: 9/11 was worse than that. Emily: You’re right, I knew you! You’re not responsible for 2003’s badness.

  6. How about the fact that you interned in Washington, DC with a fantastically interesting group of people in 2001. Doesn’t that at least partly redeem the year, strictly from a Ruth Graham perspective?

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