Top 5 comments on the New York Times story “Four Men Dead in Upper West Side Shootings.”

A grandfather, son, and grandson were shot to death this afternoon, a woman was injured, and another man fell to his death while fleeing the scene. The question that’s on everyone’s mind: How does this relate to the lives of random readers of Let’s turn to the (real, actual, I-couldn’t-make-these-up-if-I-tried) comments:

1. “I am reading a book about that neighborhood right now!” — Lewis B. Sckolnick

2. “What’s the book?” — Artist

3. “What an embarrassment to the state and to his gender. My father, brother and boyfriend would never, ever speak this way to a woman, and I’d bet my bottom dollar they never have.” — Sarah P——. UPDATE/ABSOLUTION: Commenter says she meant to comment on this story, which makes much, much more sense.

4. “Geez- I live on the corner of 83rd and Amsterdam! It’s a really nnice block- or so I thought.” — peter

5. “I looked out and down one morning and saw squad cars side by side parked with their back bumpers to the curb and lined up the entire north side of the block from First Avenue to York Avenue. My first thought was that Bloomberg had read what I had written about him in the City Room Blog the day before, and I was really in for it. It turned out that a crane had fallen on a building site around the corner, and the crane operator had been killed. Now that was sort of an over reaction on my part. I did feel terrible for the young man who lost his life but, I have to admit I was relieved that Bloomberg wasn’t out to get me!” — Perley J. Thibodeau

“I hope they ok” — rufgees101


5 responses to “Top 5 comments on the New York Times story “Four Men Dead in Upper West Side Shootings.”

  1. Is that a Top 5 Worst or Top 5 Best list?

  2. Woah…that comment I made was for a story about Chuck Schumer. How did it get THERE?

  3. Brian: Best of the Worst? Sarah: Whoa indeed! That is actually pretty hilarious.

  4. So weird, right? In the interest of accuracy (and for the sake of my Google reputation), could I ask you to strike that one from the list of people who commented on the shootings?

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