When good slogans go bad.

As of this evening, there are at least two of these billboards up along the BQE in Queens and Brooklyn. What once was an oblique meditation on masculinity, athleticism, and good taste — the implied answer to “What are you made of?” is “power and money” — now is almost a work of art: Observe the fallen man agonizing over his own weak character and, the prominent placement of the watch suggests, his mortality. “What am I made of?” he asks himself, staring into the middle distance. “Did I ever really know?”  Devastating. And the watch is totally blah, too.


2 responses to “When good slogans go bad.

  1. Maybe he’s also wondering why he’s wearing a giant watch on his hand.

  2. I assume he’s about to take it off and place it on his sleeping son’s nightstand before walking out of the house and calming throwing himself off a bridge.

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