Wait, does this mean Scott Roeder couldn’t just draw this himself?

EBay recently opted to remove some drawings signed by Scott Roeder, the man who murdered Wichita abortion provider Dr. George Tiller while the doctor attended church one Sunday in May. Roeder had apparently commissioned the drawings from a fellow prisoner. Proceeds from the sale would have gone to his legal defense fund, and predictably, the decision is causing a fuss on both sides of the debate over choice. I won’t get into that (you’re welcome), but there’s one element of the artwork itself that recalls a motif I encountered several times on the trip.

Here’s one of the drawings commissioned by Roeder:


As you can see, it’s a graveyard devoted to aborted fetuses. (UPDATE: It’s also a complete rip-off of a piece by syndicated political cartoonist Gary McCoy.) I wouldn’t have known it a few months ago, but this artist is working within an established anti-choice tradition. Temporary “graveyards” are a common tool used by activists to represent lives lost to abortion. And permanent stone gravestones are out there, too.

Here’s a photo I took at a Catholic cemetery near Leadville, CO:

IMG_3592And here’s one of the smaller attractions near the second-largest cross in the Western hemisphere, in Groom, TX:IMG_3420
This bronze figure is kneeling at the gravestone:
And what’s that in his hand?:

All this, and not a single gravestone to good taste!

Bonus: In researching this post, I happened across this gem from Yahoo! Answers.

Picture 5Boy, they are GOOD.

(PS Let’s please not fight about abortion in the comments, ok?)


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