This is the best thing that has ever happened to anyone, anywhere.

sand map

I thought this photo from the beach in Oregon was gone forever! But here it is!

I am typing this post on my laptop. You know, my lost laptop, my semi-expensive laptop, my laptop with all my trip photos, my laptop I idiotically left behind on the seat of a crowded F-train shuttle bus in Brooklyn on Sunday. That laptop. Laptop laptop laptop.


After a night of tears and beers, and a day of couch-bound catatonia, I woke up today having pretty much accepted the loss. Onward and upward! Who needs photos when you have memories? Who needs an old computer when you can have a new one?

That’s when Louise called. Amazing, beautiful, miraculous Louise, a retired legal secretary in Canarsie, Brooklyn. Her son, Douglas, had found my laptop on the bus, and the two of them found a receipt in the case that included my phone number. She wanted to return the computer.

So I went to Louise’s house, which is 100% decorated for Christmas. There are lights and Santas and poinsettias everywhere, and it’s all beautiful. Louise offered me coffee. I met her sister, and Douglas. I admired her flower arrangements. We chatted about our lives. Louise invited me to come to her home for Christmas, to drop in anytime.

Louise told me that now we will be connected for life, and I agreed.

When it was time to go, Louise’s sister gave me a bus schedule, and Louise walked me to the bus stop. She told me about the time that she found a wallet in the street with $500 in it, and how she returned it and the man just couldn’t believe it. Another time Louise dropped her wallet in a big jar of candy at the candy store, and didn’t realize it because the candy muffled the sound, but the candy store owner returned it to her.

“What goes around, comes around,” I said. I said I hoped I could do the same thing for someone else someday. I said she was an angel. I said “This is a miracle.”

I said a lot of things this morning in Canarsie, and I meant them all.

Louise, Louise, Louise.


11 responses to “This is the best thing that has ever happened to anyone, anywhere.

  1. My heart grew five sizes reading this.

  2. We’ll miss you at Christmas, but we’ll understand.

  3. Yea! We do live in Kindly Podunkville.

  4. Did you react as though you had been given two kinds of cheese in your soup?

  5. I’m with Brooks.

  6. I did pray that this would happen. A miracle.

  7. This is the story ending I needed to hear today. Thanks!

  8. I’m touched. Long live Louise.

  9. Hooray. Louise at the end of the road. Maybe her Christmas Canarsie house was the last stop on your tour.

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