Where I’ve been so far, part 3.

I’m almost home. So, herewith, a final “where I’ve been” post of various photos that haven’t fit elsewhere. (Earlier installments here and here.)


At Glacier National Park, I narrowly escaped Death by Bear:
Then I narrowly escaped Death by Tripping and Drowning:
The terrible risk was worth it, however, because check this out:
I asked an older man to take this picture, and he kept saying he could barely see, so the picture would likely not turn out well. I wondered if traipsing along a cliffside was the best activity for him, but he seemed to hold his own.
In Conrad, MT, my motel’s TV got stuck on this image for about an hour. I swear I did not stare at it laughing for more than, like, 20 or 25 minutes.
A very mysterious store in Great Falls, MT:
Edenic danger in Montana:
Sure, you love looking at photos of animals in the wild. And you also enjoy photos of major national monuments. But you have a big presentation tomorrow, Janie has to get to ballet rehearsal, Tommy has soccer practice, and you haven’t even started thinking about dinner yet. What’s a busy mom who loves photos of animals in the wild and major national monuments to do? That’s exactly why I took this photo of mountain goats AND Mount Rushmore. You’re welcome:
This couple should totally be on a sitcom:
Some photos require absolutely no explanation whatsoever:
I’m sure they’ll have no trouble leasing this place out:
I might have gone with “The Cornhole” for this Corn Palace concession stand, but still, this is the kind of naming I can really get behind:
A complicated message about my future?
Why doesn’t anyone ever use motel pools? I use them every single time they’re available, and in the whole trip I’ve seen maybe one or two kids splashing around. That’s it. What’s the matter, you have your own mansion so you’re bored of swimming laps in a heated pool and then relaxing in a hot tub afterward? This is at a $50 EconoLodge in Minnesota:
I watched this entire show on public access TV in Grand Rapids with my jaw hanging open. This man sat at this table musing mildly about the lower intelligence of black Americans for at least a half hour. Sir, if you are reading this, I understand that you are an expert on low intelligence — write what you know, and all that — but still, you are a world-class idiot. (This show was 1,000 times more offensive than my favorite the shameful Brooklyn public access show “Nasty Video,” which consists of a guy going to parties in Brooklyn and zooming his video camera in and out on female partiers’ breasts and asses.)
From Canada, an Easter egg for Arrested Development fans:
This is the view from Robert Frost’s front porch:
At a fall festival in New Hampshire, some laughably huge oxen pulled 9,800 pounds of cement.


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