Two roads diverged in the Riverdale Woods

This is where you come for breaking Archie Andrews news, so here is a new New York Times piece about the latest in Archie’s love triangle. (The red-headed 70-year-old teenager is finally choosing between rich Veronica and girl-next-door Betty.) The piece is a pretty routine overview of the current Veronica/Betty conflict — the good news is, Veronica isn’t the permanent victor, but anyone outside of Riverdale’s target 7-17 age range could have told you that. Meanwhile, the paper’s Robert Frost headline is a bit of a stretch. One of the comic’s creators tells the Times that the new Veronica/Betty marriage storyline was inspired by “The Road Not Taken,” a Joni Mitchell song, and the movie “Sliding Doors.” I guess “Archie’s Destiny, as Shaped by Gwyneth Paltrow” didn’t have the same ring to it.


3 responses to “Two roads diverged in the Riverdale Woods

  1. So where are you tonight? Upper Peninsula?
    Yeah, sure. I hope you still have credibility with your other readers.

  2. Ha. No more location lies, I promise!

  3. Ruth, your adoring public needs more from you re: Archie. What are your thoughts and feelings about this plot line? Who will he end up with? Why do I really really care about this?

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