Nothing says civility like corn

The pilgrims and the Indians knew it, and now the greater Roberts, WI, area will know it.

From the “can’t believe I just missed it” files: “Corn maze will be used to tout civility

photo by Colt Seman

photo by Colt Seman

Jim Zeller, of Hudson, had already been hard at work on finding ways to bring the subject of civility to light in his community and the nation as a whole. One of his ideas — a 10-acre corn maze — sits about 30 miles east of the Twin Cities and opens to the public today.

“It’s a quite a project,” said Willard Moeri, village president for Roberts, near the spot where Zeller’s “civility” corn maze was recently constructed. “It’s an effort that’s maybe long overdue.”

FINALLY, a corn maze to promote civility. Took long enough! I certainly hope the WTF TFW is on top of this.


4 responses to “Nothing says civility like corn

  1. …ways to bring the subject of civility AND A GIRAFFE to light. I approve.

  2. The giraffe was included because of “its height, big heart and ears that are up for listening.”

  3. It’s true: a giraffe’s heart is two feet long. And they can hear (and bellow) below the frequencies of human hearing.

    I am full of giraffe facts.

    In my neighborhood there’s an ugly sculpture that includes nine giraffes. I believe they are there to represent peace.

  4. i find it interesting that the way out of the maze is most definitely not through civility. (also, the giraffe.)

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