“A welcome straitjacket”

From Andrew O’Hagan’s “A Car of One’s Own” in the London Review of Books:

“If you read the novels of Joan Didion, you will see there can come a time in anybody’s life, women’s as much as men’s, when they climb into their car and feel that they are driving away from an entire kingdom of dependency. The motorways don’t offer a solution: they offer a welcome straitjacket. Your car will get all the credit for bringing you home to yourself, for showing you the only person you can truly depend on is not merely yourself, but yourself-in-your-car, a somatic unity.”

So, yes, this.

O’Hagan, whose novel “Be Near Me” I could never get into (and felt a bit stupider for it), also writes here about individualism, traffic, British car culture, the relationship between driving and consciousness, and the effective death of GM. Check it out.


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